Last reviewed on 10 February 2022
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Discover intervention plans and resources to improve the handwriting of pupils with special educational needs (SEN). See what’s available commercially, and learn what other schools are doing.

When considering which handwriting intervention to implement, make sure you evaluate their effectiveness first. Find out what makes a good intervention and how best to implement it in your school. 

6 intervention programmes from the NHS

South Warwickshire NHS foundation trust’s occupational therapy service

The service provides free intervention programmes for schools to develop pupils' fine motor skills and handwriting.

It's aimed at SENCOs, teachers and teaching assistants, and includes:

  • 6 separate programmes that guide pupils from foundation motor skills to fluency and speed
  • An assessment tool to decide which programme is right for the pupil
  • Materials to help you assess the pupil’s level before and after an intervention
  • A checklist to help you pick the best strategies and equipment for the classroom

The programmes should take 6 weeks to complete, if you do 3 sessions a week.

App-based interventions

The cost of the app A description of how it works The