Last reviewed on 10 May 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Use our template and guidance to help you develop your 3-year pupil premium strategy.

Consider a multi-year strategy

The DfE recommends using a multi-year strategy, such as one covering a 3-year period, rather than conducting full annual reviews. 

This is according to page 5 of its guidance for school leaders on using the pupil premium (see the second document).

You'll still be expected to write an annual pupil premium report

Download our template

Use our template as a guide to help you decide what to include, according to your needs.

It'll help you to:

  • Take a longer view of what support you'll use the pupil premium grant to provide
  • Align your plan with your wider school improvement strategy

Top tip

Add your 3-year pupil premium plan to your school improvement plan.

How to set your strategy

Identify key factors and trends in need

What specific learning or pastoral needs does