MAT mergers: what to consider

Merging a multi-academy trust (MAT) with another trust is a big decision. Get advice on what you need to bear in mind before you go ahead with the merger to make sure your trusts are a good match.

Last reviewed on 5 April 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 44073
  1. Your trust's structure may change
  2. Check the finances of the MAT you want to merge with 
  3. Be clear on how your geographic spread might change
  4. Prepare to communicate and consult with your community 
  5. Get legal advice 
  6. Ready to merge: your first steps 

Your trust's structure may change

Before merging, think carefully about: 

  • How your trust’s structure and governance roles might change when it merges
  • Whether you should set up an interim governance/working group to oversee the merger process
  • How much autonomy schools in your merged MAT will have

Compare your MAT with the one you’re looking to merge and discuss with the trust central team questions such as:

  • Where is decision-making and control delegated to schools and where is it held centrally?
  • Are there local governing boards? If so, what powers do they have, and what powers does the trust board have?
  • Do we share the same ethos as the other MAT around central control vs autonomy?

Check the finances of the MAT you want to merge with 

Its financial health – ask to see the 3-year budget forecast for all schools in the MAT  Its contracts – ask the MAT about its contracts with suppliers. Ideally, you want all contracts to