How to make changes to your academies

If you’re planning to make changes to your schools, such as changing your age range or moving to new premises, there's a process you must follow. Find out about the requirements and the steps involved.

Last reviewed on 5 April 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 44076
  1. When to follow this process
  2. Prepare your application
  3. Submit your application
  4. The DfE will inform you of the outcome
  5. Update your records promptly if the change is accepted

When to follow this process

If you’re planning to make a significant change you must submit a proposal in advance of the change being made.

You need to follow the process described below, which is based on the DfE's guidance on making significant changes to an open academy

Note: this article provides an overview. Be sure to refer to the DfE's guidance when you come to prepare your application, as it contains further detail.

What is a significant change?

A significant change means changing the number and/or type of school places and/or where they are offered. Changes include: 

  • Expansion
  • Amalgamations of one academy with another academy/academies
  • Changing a school's age range
  • Changing a school's faith

To see what else counts as a significant change, look at the