Academy Trust Handbook 2023 published

Be clear on the main changes in the updated Academy Trust Handbook, in effect from 1 September 2023. Notable changes include a longer budget submission deadline, and loosened requirements on sharing management accounts with your board.

Last reviewed on 7 July 2023
Ref: 46851

Here are the headline changes in the updated Academy Trust Handbook (ATH) 2023. This is not an exhaustive list – we're working on a more detailed summary with further clarity about what the changes mean for you (see 'Next steps' at the end of this article).

You have an extra month to submit your budget to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)

The new deadline, starting from this summer (2023), is the end of August rather than end of July (paragraph 2.15).

You're no longer required to share your management accounts with the full trust board at least 6 times per year

You must still share them with the chair of the trust board every month, though, and the board must still consider them when it meets (paragraph 2.19).

Your trust board is no longer required to explain how it's maintained effective oversight if it meets fewer than 6