Friday 13 August 2021 8:00 AM
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Record GCSE results after second year of no exams. Top grades (7/As and above) rose to 28.9%, from 26.2% last year, while pass grades (4/Cs and above) rose to 77.1%, from 76.3% last year [BBC News]. Find out how to manage appeals. 

Top A-level results reach record high. 44.8% of pupils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland received A* or A grades (this was 38.5% last year), though it's said that comparing this year with others is like "comparing apples with oranges" [BBC News]. 

Less than 1% of A-level teacher grades changed by boards. Exam boards reviewed teacher-assessed A-level grades for 1 in 5 schools, but only a few had to make adjustments as a result [Tes (free-sign-up required)]. 

40,000 students to study across the globe as part of new Turing Scheme [GOV.UK]  Still no date for national music plan, but another expert panel [Schools Week]  Teachers have ‘earned country’s trust and admiration’, says