Last reviewed on 5 April 2022
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See examples of art, design and music policies from a wide range of schools to inspire you when writing your own policies for creative foundation subjects.

Art and design policies

Voluntary aided school in Liverpool

St Matthew's Catholic Primary School has an arts & design policy. It sets out the school's approach to:

  • Providing feedback and assessments
  • Inclusion of pupils with SEND
  • Identifying and developing gifted and talented pupils

It also includes the school's expectations of pupils by the end of Key Stage (KS)2.

Community school in Redbridge

Churchfields Junior School has an art policy which sets out:

  • A unit plan for all year groups
  • The artists, methods and media to be used in each unit
  • Guidance on the use of sketchbooks
  • Annual school trips for pupils to learn about art

Academy in Oxfordshire

Buckland Church of England (CofE) Primary School's art policy sets out the school's aims to:

  • Develop pupils' ability to express emotion through art
  • Help pupils understand the role of art in our multi-cultural society
  • Teach art and ICT together through graphic design and digital photography

Music policies

Copley Primary School has a music