Last reviewed on 12 April 2022
Statutory/mandatory for: Maintained schools Academies Free schools Independent schools Pupil referral units Non-maintained special schools

Download our model RSE policy to help you save time and stay compliant.

Download and adapt our model RSE policy


  • Takes account of relevant guidance and good practice
  • Is approved by Forbes Solicitors
  • Includes a form in the appendix for parents to fill in when requesting to withdraw their child 

Who should approve the policy?

Your governing board can determine who approves the policy. It can choose to delegate approval to a committee, individual governor or the headteacher.

If you're an independent school, there's no guidance on who needs to approve this policy. Independent schools aren't on the DfE's list linked above, but we know they need a policy under the statutory RSE guidance. It may be best to assume that your governing board needs to approve the policy. 

You must publish a written statement of your policy

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