Last reviewed on 5 May 2022
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Get inspiration in writing your own equal opportunities policy with examples of policies from a range of primary schools, secondary schools and a special school.

Examples from primary schools

Voluntary aided school in Haringey

St James Church of England Primary School has an equal opportunities policy and statement with sections covering: 

  • Steps the school is taking to advance equality of opportunity
  • The school’s approach to building good relationships between those who share protected characteristics and those who don’t
  • Equality considerations when making decisions

Community school in Luton

Norton Road Primary School, publishes an equal opportunities policy that sets out:

  • A guide to recognising racist incidents
  • The value the places on bilingualism and multiculturalism
  • The school's commitment to celebrating diversity through assemblies, learning resources and the curriculum

Examples from secondary schools

Academy in Kent 

Hillview School for Girls has an equal opportunities policy that explains their:

  • Distinct approaches to equal opportunities for staff, students and the wider community
  • Approach to dealing with discrimination and racist incidents
  • Results of a self-evaluation audit 

Orleans Park School has an equal opportunities policy that