Last reviewed on 14 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find out what to include in your inclusion policy and see examples of policies from schools.

What to include

  • A statement outlining the school’s view on inclusion and how this is actually implemented within the school
  • The measures your school takes to make sure everybody is included, making reference to specific groups of pupils that might be excluded from school life. For example, those excluded because of their gender, ability or special educational needs or disability, as well as disadvantaged children and those in care
  • Details of any people responsible for ensuring inclusion, including the full range of staff such as teaching assistants, teachers, senior leaders and any linked governors
  • A procedure to follow if anybody has a concern
  • Reference to relevant guidance including the DfE's SEND Code of Practice and any local authority documents (where relevant)

This is advice we received from Sally Cope, a former SENCO and inclusion co-ordinator.

Examples from schools 

Primary schools

John Spence