Last reviewed on 14 November 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find guidance on what to include in your school's sustainability policy, based on the DfE's sustainability and climate change strategy. Look at example statements for inspiration, and see examples of sustainability and environmental policies from other schools.

You're not required to have a sustainability policy

However, its a good idea to start thinking about how you'll make changes for better sustainable practices across your school. The DfE aims for all schools to have a climate action plan in place by 2025, although there’s no guidance yet on what this might look like.

A sustainability policy can help you coordinate your school’s strategy as you prepare to create a climate action plan, as well as helping you to commit to making positive changes from today.

It's worth considering that these initiatives may have other more immediate benefits too, such as saving money and improving staff wellbeing. 

You won’t be able to make every big change at once

You can use your policy to identify what steps your school can take at the moment, and