Last reviewed on 20 December 2022
Statutory/mandatory for: Maintained schools Academies Free schools

Save time and stay compliant by adapting our model charging and remissions policy. You can also use our downloadable checklist to structure your policy, and read tips on how to write it.

Download our model policy

Approved by Forbes Solicitors, our model document is designed for you to adapt to suit your school’s context. It'll save you time and help you keep your school compliant.

Maintained schools and academies are required to have a charging and remissions policy

Please note: this model policy is aimed primarily at maintained schools and academies, but can be easily adapted to suit any school. If you wish to use the policy in a different type of setting – for example, a pupil referral unit or non-maintained special school – we recommend that you check it against any requirements or considerations specific to your context and adapt it accordingly.

Use our downloadable checklist

If you're writing or reviewing your own policy, you can benchmark it against our model above, or use our checklist to help: