Last reviewed on 19 January 2023
Statutory/mandatory for: Academies Free schools

Download and adapt our model competitive tendering policy to help you comply with procurement law. You can also see examples of other trusts' policies.

Download our model policy

Approved by Forbes Solicitors, you can adapt this policy to suit your school's or trust's context. 

The model takes account of relevant requirements and good practice, is easy to adapt, will save you time and will help keep your school compliant. 

Academies are required to have this policy under paragraph 2.28 of the Academies Trust Handbook.


9-school trust

Learning Academies Trust's competitive tendering policy sets procurement thresholds at:

  • Low-value: up to £5,000
  • Medium-value: £5,001 to £50,000

Download the trust's policy here (in the 'Financial' section of their policies page).

4-school trust

HEART Academies Trust's procurement and competitive tendering policy includes sections on:

  • The trust's financial scheme of delegation
  • Purchasing procedures
  • Exceptions to normal procedures
  • Rules

It also sets out the principles that underpin the trust's approach to procurement (for example, "value for money" and "sustainable and ethical procurement").

Download the policy here (in the 'Finance' section of their policies page).