Last reviewed on 21 December 2020
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Although not a statutory requirement, some schools have a separate display screen equipment (DSE) policy. Find support with writing or reviewing your school’s DSE policy with guidance from the Health and Safety Executive and examples of policies from schools.

Primary example

Holden Lane Primary School in Stoke-on-Trent has a display screen equipment (DSE) policy that's designed for staff, but includes safety procedures that will also apply to pupils who use DSE for prolonged periods of time. These relate to, for example:

  • Maintaining a comfortable working environment with appropriate lighting levels and adjustable display screens
  • The headteacher's responsibility to ensure that all DSE-related risk assessments are in place and up to date

You can download it from the school's policies page.

Examples of a health and safety policy including DSE

Many schools include a section on DSE in their health and safety policies, rather than having a separate DSE policy.

For example, Holbeton Primary School in Devon follows its trust's health and safety policy with a section on DSE (page 12).

It covers arrangements for DSE assessments for staff. 

You can download the policy from the webpage linked to below: 

Guidance on the