Last reviewed on 21 June 2023
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Allergy is one of the most common chronic conditions in children. Download and adapt our model policy to help make your school 'allergy aware' and see examples from other schools.

We worked with The Allergy Team to write this article.

Put procedures in place to minimise the risk to pupils

Be particularly aware of individuals with known allergies, but also consider allergies as a risk to all pupils. This is because many children won't know they're allergic to something until they have a reaction.

Publish your allergy procedures on your school website.

You could:

Appoint an allergy lead

This should be a senior member of staff who takes lead responsibility for promoting and maintaining allergy awareness across your school community.

Make your school 'allergen aware'

It's almost impossible to enforce it It's impractical to ban all allergens (for example, milk) It can