Last reviewed on 5 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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See examples of confidentiality policies from primary, secondary and special schools, to help you decide what to include in your policy.

Primary school

Stokes Wood Primary School in Leicester has a confidentially policy outlining the school's guidelines, which include that:

  • Staff will not discuss individual cases with anyone who doesn't have a direct professional connection to, and interest in, the welfare and education of the individual concerned
  • Staff performance management will be carried out privately, with evidence and data securely stored

The policy also covers the electronic transfer of data.

Secondary school

Huntington School in York sets out the following in its confidentiality policy:

  • The legislation underpinning it
  • How the policy is applied
  • When full confidentiality may not be possible and the circumstances when confidentiality must be broken
  • Classroom and 1-to-1 disclosures, and disclosures to health professionals
  • Guidance for teaching staff and external visitors
  • Sharing information with parents and carers

There's also a staff information sharing flowchart in appendix 1. 

Special school

All staff being aware of some