Last reviewed on 5 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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See examples of confidentiality policies from primary, secondary and special schools, to help you decide what to include in your policy.

Primary school

Woodside Primary School in Shropshire has a confidentiality policy outlining the school's guidelines, which include:

  • Keeping all safeguarding, medical and personal information about a pupil safely and securely
  • Dealing with matters confidentially within the school

Secondary school

Huntington School in York sets out the following in its confidentiality policy:

  • The legislation underpinning it
  • How the policy is applied
  • When full confidentiality may not be possible and the circumstances when confidentiality must be broken
  • Classroom and 1-to-1 disclosures, and disclosures to health professionals
  • Guidance for teaching staff and external visitors
  • Sharing information with parents and carers

There's also a staff information sharing flowchart in appendix 1. 

Special school

In its confidentiality policy, Epinay Business and Enterprise School in Tyne and Wear includes: 

  • All staff being aware of some confidential information in order to support pupils
  • Not discussing educational and behaviour issues outside of the classroom
  • Staff not pressuring pupils to disclose personal information