Last reviewed on 7 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Maintained schools should have an asset management plan. Use our template to help create yours and track upcoming projects.

You should have an asset management plan 

Maintained schools must complete the Schools Financial Value Standards (SFVS) assessment form once a year. 

Question 24 asks: 'Does the school maintain its premises and other assets to an adequate standard and make best use of capital monies for this purpose?'

The corresponding SFVS checklist guidance explains that all schools should have an asset management plan, and should develop a process to help them prioritise work appropriately.

Use our template to form your own plan

Download our model asset management plan and record your school's objectives alongside your development plan for minor and major works. Tailor the highlighted text in the template to suit your school. 

Some schools set out their plans for developing and managing the school premises in a premises development plan. Take a look at our premises development plan