Last reviewed on 17 May 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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Get ideas for your own school minibus policy with these examples from primary, secondary and special schools.

Primary schools

Community school in Norfolk

Sheringham Community Primary School's minibus policy contains guidance on:

  • The responsibilities of different members of staff
  • Risk assessment requirements
  • The checks needed before use
  • Licensing requirements
  • MOT, servicing and maintenance requirements
  • Safe usage

The policy also contains appendices which include:

  • A sample risk assessment
  • A pre-journey checklist

Academy in Coventry

The minibus policy from Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School covers matters such as:

  • School and driver responsibilities
  • Safety
  • Breakdown procedure
  • Hiring out the minibus to third parties

It also includes a checklist to be completed before each journey.

Secondary schools

Academy in Bedfordshire

The minibus policy from Samuel Whitbread Academy explains:

  • Who will be given authorisation to drive the minibus
  • The procedure to be followed in case of an accident or breakdown
  • Requirements for maintenance

It also contains a protocol for drivers to follow, which includes pre-drive safety checks and requirements for fuelling the bus.

Academy in Buckinghamshire

Who can drive the