Last reviewed on 16 September 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Help keep your school and its contents safe by writing a security policy. Get answers to common questions about the policy and use examples from different schools to help you create your own.

Consider these common questions when developing your policy

Our thanks to our associate education experts, David New and Peter Foale, for their help with this section. We also referred to information from the DfE and the Institute for School Business Leadership (ISBL).

Who should our key holders be?

It’s up to your school to decide who your key holders should be. Typically this tends to be senior leaders, office mangers, site managers or care takers. A DfE representative told us this.

You can include who they are in your security policy.

Double check whether your local authority (LA) or academy trust has any additional guidance that you need to follow around key holders, such as regularly updating your LA or trust on who your key holders are. 

Can non-employees be key holders?

Check whether this is permitted by your LA or trust.

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