Last reviewed on 25 March 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Help keep your school and its contents safe by writing a security policy. Our guidance outlines what it can include, with examples from different schools.

Nursery school

Horden Nursery School's security policy identifies the responsibilities of different groups and individuals.

It says the headteacher will, among other things:

  • Make sure that all staff receive information, instruction and training in the security policies and procedures
  • Establish a system for reporting, recording and investigating breaches of the policy
  • Make sure that all visitors, contractors and agency staff adhere to the policy
  • Monitor the policy’s implementation and security arrangements

The policy includes a table that lists specific duties of the headteacher, caretaker, staff, and personnel committee. It also addresses security arrangements for different areas and groups of people within the school.

Download the school's policy from this page 

Primary schools


North Park Primary School in Newport has a security policy which sets out the responsibilities of:

  • Governors
  • The headteacher
  • Staff
  • Children
  • Pupils

It also includes a table explaining what areas of security different members of staff are responsible for. 

Download the policy from this page