Social media policy: model and examples

Adapt our social media policy template to set out the rules for your school's official social media use, and make sure staff, pupils, parents and carers understand your expectations on how to interact appropriately online. See examples of policies from other schools.

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  1. Download our model policy
  2. Example policies from primary schools
  3. Example policies from secondary schools 
  4. Further resources

Download our model policy

Use it to set guidelines and rules for how your school community interact with each other online. 

Our policy has been approved by Forbes Solicitors and covers:

  • Rules for using the school's official social media channels
  • Personal use of social media by staff (including governors), pupils and parents/carers

Model policy: social media - schools

Example policies from primary schools

Saint James' CofE Primary School's social media policy covers all members of staff, governors, and contractors.

It sets out the standards for online conduct expected of school staff, both on personal social media accounts and official school channels.

Casterton Primary Academy, part of the Pendle Education Trust, has adapted its trust's social media policy.

It includes guidance on how staff should use official social media channels. Personal use of social media is covered separately in their staff code of conduct and ICT acceptable use policies.

Example policies from secondary schools 

Willingdon Community School covers social media in section 9 of its online safety policy (find this policy under 'Safeguarding and Student Policies').

It covers official use of social media and also personal use of social media by staff and pupils. This policy is based on a template provided by East Sussex County Council's 'czone' service for schools.   

Ormiston Horizon Academy, part of the Ormiston Academies Trust, has a social media policy that applies to pupils, staff and parents/carers. 

It includes sections on consent to use images, cyber-bullying and training for staff.

Further resources

Help your staff to keep their social media profiles secure with our social media 'cheat sheet' for staff.  

And get tips on how to deal with negative comments or behaviour by parents and carers on social media, which includes a model acceptable use agreement for parents and carers.