Last reviewed on 21 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Take a look at these social media policies from primary and secondary schools to help you create your own.

Example policies from primary schools

St Brigid’s R C Primary School’s social media policy covers all members of staff, governors, volunteers and friends of the school.

It sets out the standards for online personal conduct expected of “school stakeholders”. The policy centres around the safeguarding of children, and asks staff to consider the reputation of the school when using social networking sites outside of school. It also covers use of devices on the school ground, and use of the school network and equipment.

St Paul's Catholic Primary School's social media policy is aimed at staff use. 

It goes on to outline how staff should conduct themselves on social media. For example, it says that staff should not be "friends" with pupils on social media, and recommends that staff do not identify the school on