Last reviewed on 27 April 2023
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Help staff to manage their inbox effectively with an email policy. Here, you'll find examples from primary and secondary schools and guidance on things to consider when crafting your own.

See examples of email policies from schools

Heavers Farm Primary School in Croydon has a staff email policy (scroll down to 'Staff policies and forms'), which has an emphasis on protecting work-life balance. For example, it states that staff:

  • Shouldn’t be sent emails between 7.00pm and 7.00am or over the weekend
  • Have 2 working days to respond to emails and it would be "highly inappropriate" to chase someone for a response before this

The policy also includes information on avoiding using personal devices, who can use the 'all staff' email list, and etiquette around forwarding emails and using professional language.

Keeping emails relevant Not checking emails outside of work hours or when off sick or on leave Deciding whether an email is the best way to communicate the information Checking that