Last reviewed on 7 September 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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See example recruitment policies from schools, and read guidance on what to include in your own.

You're not required to have a recruitment and retention policy

There's no statutory requirement to have a specific recruitment and retention policy. 

However, you must have a policy setting out your safer recruitment process – this can either be included in your child protection policy, or as a standalone document. 

You can find our model safer recruitment policy in Appendix 2 of our child protection model policy.

If you want to create a recruitment and retention policy, read on for advice and examples. 

You can use a policy to set out your recruitment process

How many people will be involved in each stage Your criteria for making decisions about shortlisting and appointments – see our guidance on shortlisting candidates Your policy on employing people with convictions The checks you will carry out – including statutory safeguarding checks, and whether you will carry out online search of shortlisted candidates Your commitment to equality, and to making