Last reviewed on 17 June 2021
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See example recruitment policies from schools, and read guidance from ASCL on using 'finder's fees' when looking for new staff.

Examples of policies from schools

Medium-size community primary school in Wirral

Barnston Primary School aims to ensure 'safe and fair recruitment practices', and uses its recruitment and vetting policy to outline these. It starts by mentioning how at least 2 governors on the panel will have safer recruitment training. 

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that safe and fair recruitment practices are rigorously enforced and that the school adopts a coherent and consistent approach to recruiting and retaining staff of the highest calibre, who will help achieve the school’s vision.
We believe that the staff are our most important resource and that our pupils' learning should be managed by highly motivated and capable staff with relevant skills.

The policy goes on to detail the following stages of the recruitment process: 

  • Identification of the need for an appointment
  • Documentation
  • Applications and shortlisting 
  • Selection procedures 
  • References 
  • Safeguarding procedures on the interview day
  • After the appointment
  • DBS and vetting