Last reviewed on 6 November 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 41536

Read advice on whether you need a staff dress code and what it should include. Use examples of staff dress codes from primary, secondary and special schools to help you create your own.

There is no requirement to have a staff dress code

The NEU does not recommend a formal dress code for staff in schools. 

If you choose to create a dress code, you can specify that staff should dress professionally and appropriately. 

Your dress code should allow for different circumstances

This includes taking health and safety into consideration, for example:

  • PE teachers to be allowed to wear trainers
  • Science staff to be allowed to wear lab coats

You should also allow for weather conditions. For example, if you expect male teachers to wear ties or jackets, you can specify that this does not mean during very hot days.

Your dress code must also be inclusive. Read more about this further down in this article.

If you do have a dress code, having it in your staff code of conduct or handbook means it is easier