Last reviewed on 21 December 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Use these examples of staff dress codes from primary, secondary and special schools to help you create your own.

Primary schools

Hutton Church of England Primary School in North Somerset has a list of banned items in its dress code, including denim and low-cut tops (click on 'Dress code for staff policy' in the right-hand column). 

Springcroft Primary School in Staffordshire covers dress and appearance in section 6 (page 4) of its 'code of conduct' for staff. It explains that staff should 'set a good example' in what they wear by avoiding clothing that is 'overly casual'.

Monksdown Primary School in Liverpool includes a sentence on appropriate dress in its staff code of conduct. It instructs staff to avoid clothing that includes controversial or political statements or images (click on 'Safer Working Practices code of conduct'). 

Secondary schools 

Pittville School in Gloucestershire has a stand-alone appearance and dress code policy for staff. It includes guidelines on:

Leytonstone School in Waltham Forest covers dress and appearance in section 11 (pages 9