Last reviewed on 15 March 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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See examples of schools' sickness and leave of absence policies and procedures.

Sickness absence 

Primary schools

Ravenbank Primary School in Warrington has a managing attendance policy. Paragraph 6.1 (page 7) sets out the procedure for dealing with short term sickness absence. 

The employee needs to: 

  • Notify the headteacher or other nominated person of their sickness at least one hour before they are due to start work
  • Complete the return to work form within 2 days of their return to work 
  • Keep managers updated during their time off 

The headteacher, deputy head, or other nominated person must:

  • Conduct return to work discussions 
  • Make contact with and/or meet employees who have been absent for more than 2 weeks 

 The policy also