Last reviewed on 8 March 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 41564

Download and adapt our model policy, approved by lawyers and the NAHT, to set out your school's approach to working from home. Let your staff know what you expect and how you will support them.

Download our model policy

Our policy is:

We recommend that you seek independent legal advice on implementing and allowing off-site working before adopting a new policy.

We also recommend that you consult with the unions represented at your school before implementing any new policy that refers to expectations of staff.

Check your flexible working policy

If you have a policy for flexible working, make sure that your working from home policy is consistent with it.

If you choose, you could also combine these policies.

Example policies

Bigland Green Primary School in Tower Hamlets includes working from home arrangements in its flexible working policy. It highlights that:

... it may be possible for employees to achieve more flexibility and a better work/life balance by working some of their time from home ...