Writing and reviewing school policies

  • How to develop a school policy
    Use our step-by-step guide to developing a school policy and download our policy template with guidance on what to include.
  • How to review a school policy
    Here's your 5-step guide to reviewing a policy. You'll find a tool to help you check changes to statutory guidance and advice on assessing whether the policy is working effectively. Use our model statement on equality once you've evaluated the impact of your existing policy on those with protected characteristics.
  • Policy review schedule: template and examples
    Adapt our review schedule to help you keep track of all of your policies, and make sure they're up to date and compliant. Download the schedule to suit your maintained or independent school, or academy trust - and see examples of how other multi-academy trusts have set their schedules.
  • Pupil allergy policy: model and examples
    Allergy is one of the most common chronic conditions in children. Download and adapt our model policy to help make your school 'allergy aware' and see examples from other schools.
  • Which policies should trusts set centrally?
    Use our expert advice and risk assessment to make a call on whether to set a policy at trust or school level. Plus, see examples of how other trusts set their policies.
    For Trust Leaders