Last reviewed on 6 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Get guidance on what to include in an allergy policy and see examples of other schools' policies.

Advocacy groups like The Anaphylaxis Campaign and Allergy UK don’t support a total ban on allergens in schools. This is because:

  • It'd be almost impossible to enforce it. Allergens like nuts, sesame, and eggs are present in a wide variety of products from foods to cosmetics, many of which are not obvious. Allergic reactions can also be triggered by nettles, insect stings, and other substances you can't fully keep out of your school
  • Many allergens like nuts are also most likely to cause reactions through ingestion or physical contact so the risk of airborne reactions are small

You're not required to have an allergy policy

You could have a specific allergy policy, or incorporate allergy response