Last reviewed on 8 June 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 44743

The DfE published new non-statutory guidance on improving school attendance that applies from September 2022. There aren’t any new requirements, but be clear on what the DfE expects you to do to improve attendance.

Headlines from the guidance 

The DfE has published working together to improve school attendance. The guidance:

  • Applies from September 2022 and will replace the existing school attendance guidance 
  • Is non-statutory, but the Secretary of State has committed to this guidance becoming statutory in the future (not before September 2023)
  • Describes in detail what the DfE expects from you and other stakeholders. However, you're likely doing much of this already 

We'll be updating our other articles on attendance over the coming weeks in line with the new guidance to help you prepare. 

Develop a whole-school culture that promotes the benefits of high attendance

The guidance explains that schools with good attendance recognise the importance of embedding attendance into the school's ethos and culture.   

Make good attendance a central part of your vision, values and ethos Account for attendance in other school