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  • Absence and attendance in the sixth form Find out what you need to record in your register for sixth-form students. Learn about setting sanctions and whether you have to inform parents about students' absence.
  • Absence requests for religious observance Make sure you know how to handle requests for absence from both pupils and staff during religious events. Also, find links to calendars of celebrations to keep on top of when you might see absence requests.
  • Pupil term-time absence: what you need to know UpdatedTerm-time absences can only be granted in 'exceptional circumstances'. Know what factors you need to consider when deciding whether a circumstance is 'exceptional' and making a judgement around how long the pupil needs to be away from school.
  • Tackling unauthorised absence: fining parents Your school is legally entitled to fine parents if their children have poor attendance. Find out about when you can issue a penalty notice, and whether you can challenge LA decisions on penalty notices and prosecutions.
  • Traveller pupils: absence and attendance Must we authorise absences for Traveller pupils? We explain that the term ‘Traveller’ covers groups such as Roma and Gypsies, and look at legislation around attendance expectations for Traveller pupils. You will also find advice on when to authorise absence and which absence codes to use.