Last reviewed on 31 August 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 12202

Download our audit and tracking tools to help you identify issues in your school, so you can put targeted strategies in place to improve attendance.

We'd like to thank our associate education experts David New and Jeremy Bird and a representative from the education welfare department at Haringey Council for their help with this article. 

Use our audit checklist to evaluate your current practice 

Download our checklist and evaluate your practice across 4 key areas:

  • Attendance data
  • Attendance interventions
  • Communication
  • Safeguarding

Each area has a number of prompts to help you think about how you approach and monitor attendance.

You can adapt the questions if needed, to tailor the checklist to your specific context.  

Use our tracking spreadsheets to monitor attendance 

Use these template attendance tracking spreadsheets to help you. We created them with advice from David New and the Haringey