Last reviewed on 28 March 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 32265

Making sure pupils eligible for the pupil premium have high attendance is an important part of the support you can give them. Find out what strategies you can implement to help get them into school.

The strategies outlined below will help you support any pupils eligible for the pupil premium who have poor attendance. This includes getting to know their families and circumstances better, which can help inform the support you offer, both around attendance and in other areas.  

However, these strategies can be used to help any pupils with poor attendance. Monitoring and analysing attendance data will help you identify and target which pupil groups have attendance that's below average for your school.

Appoint 1 person to lead on improving attendance

Consider appointing an attendance officer or home liaison officer who can lead on improving attendance at your school. For example, they can:

Provide extra training for this person if needed, and give them enough time to carry out these tasks