Last reviewed on 30 June 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Get advice on parenting contracts, including when to use them in response to problems with behaviour or attendance, and see examples and guidance from local authorities.

Note: this article is about parenting contracts, which are not the same as parenting orders. A parenting order can only be imposed by the court and does not need parental agreement.

Use parenting contracts for misbehaviour or irregular attendance

A parenting contract is a formal written, signed agreement between parents and either the local authority (LA) or the governing board of a school, and should include:

  • A statement by the parents that they agree to comply for a specified period with the requirements set out in the contract; and
  • A statement by the LA or governing board agreeing to provide support to the parents for the purpose of complying with the contract

LAs or governing boards should fund any support