Dealing with behaviour challenges

  • Educational visits: refusing to take pupils
    It's up to you whether to prevent a pupil from going on a trip, but you must avoid discrimination. Here's what to consider if you have pupils with challenging behaviour, and for those with SEND and/or medical conditions.
  • How to record physical interventions
    It's good practice to log the use of reasonable force against pupils. Find guidance on how to do this, and see examples of template record sheets from schools and a local authority.
  • How to use reasonable force
    Make sure you understand when and how staff can make physical interventions with pupils. Read through our summary of the official guidance, including what it has to say on staff training and reporting incidents.
  • Searching pupils and confiscation
    Updated guidance on searching pupils and confiscation came into effect in September, with more emphasis placed on safeguarding. Know what's changed and understand the rules on when you can search pupils and what process you should follow.