new on 19 July 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 45083

Updated guidance for the management of suspensions and exclusions comes into effect from September. We'll help you sort through what's changed and what hasn't so you can start the new year with confidence.

Quick summary: what's changed?

Here's the round-up of the changes - with a more detailed description of the changes further below.

New rules around whom the headteacher must notify of a suspension or exclusion, and when: In addition to notifying parents, you must now also notify the governing board and (as appropriate) the pupil's social worker, the virtual school head (VSH) and the local authority (LA), for all suspensions and exclusions, regardless of length and even if cancelled/rescinded  New requirements for involving pupils in the suspension/exclusion process Information on what constitutes off-rolling (i.e. unlawful exclusions) Additional responsibilities for managing pupils who have a social worker, including looked-after children (LAC) and previously LAC Clarity on the designated safeguarding lead's (DSL's) role: In cases where there are safeguarding implications (e.g. child-on-child abuse) In managing a pupil's child-protection file following that pupil's move to a new school Clarity on the roles of the VSH and social worker More detailed steps