Last reviewed on 25 May 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 10185

Identify the strengths, weaknesses and disparities in your approach to behaviour, and use this insight to create an action plan. Download our templates to help you gather evidence, including staff voice and pupil voice.

Download our behaviour audit

Use the audit to find out:

  • Whether staff and pupils understand your behaviour policy, including behaviour expectations and sanctions 
  • Whether behaviour management is consistent in your school, and how confident your staff feel in managing behaviour 
  • Whether there are disparities in behaviour outcomes between different groups of pupils
  • Whether there are disparities in how the behaviour policy is being applied to different groups of pupils
  • Whether you effectively record and monitor data, such as behaviour incidents and attendance data, to allow you to identify issues and act on them
  • What the views are of pupils and staff about behaviour management in your school

Before you start, be clear on what's in your behaviour policy. You may also want to learn about how Ofsted will evaluate behaviour and attitudes

Use this template to find out what the standard of behaviour is in your school. For each aspect of