Behaviour plans for pupils: template

Download our template of an individual behaviour plan. Plus, find links to guidance to help you develop your behaviour plans.

Last reviewed on 15 December 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Download our template 

Download our template 

Adapt our template plan to meet your school's needs and to suit the age and interests of individual pupils. 

In the plan you'll find: 

  • Prompts to help anyone working with the pupil to support their behaviour
  • Space to provide a fuller picture of the pupil's personality and to record recent behaviour incidents

Our associate education expert Jeremy Bird helped us write this template. 

Get help developing the behaviour plan

Use our guidance to help you fill out the following aspects of the template above: 

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation, a charity for people with behaviour challenges and learning difficulties, has also published advice on behaviour support planning (see 'how to create a behaviour support plan').

It sets out 8 ‘key steps’ in creating a behaviour support plan, and these could also be helpful in creating individual behaviour plans (IBPs). 


Jeremy Bird has extensive experience of primary headship. He has also worked with local authorities and published guidance for new and aspiring headteachers and senior leaders.

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