Last reviewed on 19 August 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 10347

Get an overview of the key strands of an effective behaviour management system, so you can make sure your whole-school approach is set up for success.

Be clear and consistent 

Have clear expectations for pupils and procedures that staff can easily follow. Outline these procedures in your behaviour policy (see our model policy to find out what you need to include.) Make sure you cover how you'll tackle sexism and sexual harassment - use our guidance and consultation toolkit to help you identify your approach. 

All staff need to apply these procedures consistently and fairly inside and outside the classroom to help establish routines. Consider training your staff to deal with poor behaviour at the start of the year – pupils are more likely to follow a system that was enforced from the start. 

You may want to refer to your school vision and ethos when talking to pupils and staff about behaviour, as this could: 

  • Form a clear rationale of your school's approach to behaviour
  • Help staff and pupils understand your approach

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