Last reviewed on 16 October 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
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Whether you're a new headteacher or an existing head welcoming new parents, find out what to include in your welcome presentation and get advice on other ways you can introduce yourself to parents and pupils.

Deliver your welcome presentation virtually in light of current circumstances

Or, if you're unable to deliver a virtual presentation (e.g. using YouTube or a video conferencing platform), consider alternative ways to make yourself visible and available for parents and pupils. For example, by:

  • Sending a welcome letter to parents – download and adapt our template letter to send to parents 
  • Introducing yourself at the parent-teacher association (PTA) annual general meeting
  • Making yourself visible at the school gates 

These recommendations came from our associate expert John Searl.

Introduce yourself

Use humour and keep the presentation upbeat and enthusiastic, and you could start with some brief details about your life (such as whether you are married or a parent) to make it more personal.

This advice comes from our associate education expert Jonathan Block.

Share what you want to achieve for the school. You’ll have discussed this with governors in your interview and