Newsletters: template and what to include

Use our template to create your own newsletter. Also, find tips on the what the contents of a newsletter should be, and how best to write and distribute it.

Last reviewed on 25 September 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Download our template
  2. What to include
  3. How to organise publication
  4. How to write effective newsletters

We wrote this article with the help of Jonathan Gower and David New, our associate education experts.

Download our template

We've kept our template neutral, so adapt it with your own colour scheme and any images you would like to have.

What to include

You'll want the news in your newsletter to cover two major topics:

  • What parents need to know
  • What has happened in your school that aligns with your ethos and values

What parents need to know

Upcoming dates, such as: Important deadlines for parents and pupils to meet (e.g. pay deadlines for school trips, university admission deadlines) Events for parents (e.g. parents' evenings, options evenings, consultations) Events for the whole school community (e.g. fairs, fetes, sports days, dances, plays, recitals, sports matches, achievement assemblies) Other events that'll affect the whole school (e.g. non-uniform days, INSET days, bank holidays) Contact details