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  • Educational visits: parental consent Is there guidance on parental consent for off-site school trips? This article explains which school activities require parental consent. It links to a consent form for school trips, relays advice on who can give consent, and looks at arrangements for when parents withhold consent.
  • Forms covering parental responsibility and collection rights Is there a form to record details about parental responsibility and collection rights? We refer to examples of information forms from schools. They include questions on parental responsibility and pupil collection. We also relay advice on keeping photos of persons who may collect children.
  • Intimate care: agreements and consent forms Are there examples of intimate care plans and agreements? We link to template intimate care plans from a local authority and an academy trust. We also refer to parental agreements and consent forms for providing intimate care, including washing and changing pupils after soiling.
  • Multi-purpose parental consent forms Use our multi-purpose form when seeking consent from parents. It covers consent for on-site and non-residential off-site activities, administering medicine, and emergency release. We also look at examples of forms from schools, and a 'one-off' form for off-site activities.