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  • Pupil reports to parents: checklist and templates Use our checklist to make sure your annual reports meet statutory requirements, and see what extra information you need to include at the end of KS1 and KS2. Download our templates and adapt them to suit your needs.
  • Pupil reports to parents in a PRU For PRUs, reporting to parents doesn't have to be a difficult task. Read expert advice on what you should include and see how others do it.
  • Pupil reports: using 'emerging', 'expected' and 'exceeding' (primary) Is there guidance on using the terms 'emerging', 'expected' and 'exceeding' in reports to parents? This article relays advice on using these terms to report pupils' progress to parents, and features a report template in this format. You will also find a case study from schools using this system.
  • Reporting to parents of children in the EYFS What are the requirements for reporting to parents of children in the EYFS? We look at when early years providers must report to parents, the contents of reports, and whether to report results of reception baseline assessments. You will find an EYFS report template, plus guidance on photographs.