Making parents' evening more inclusive

Get maximum engagement from your school community by making parents' evening accessible and inclusive. Download and share our parents' questions form and understand your responsibilities to make reasonable adjustments.

Last reviewed on 31 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 31522
  1. Ask parents what support they need
  2. Invite parents to think of questions in advance
  3. Support parents with disabilities and impairments
  4. Support parents with English as an additional language
  5. Reduce barriers to attending
  6. Make your school a welcoming place for all parents

Ask parents what support they need

In good time before the event, use Google Forms or another survey tool to ask parents what their accessibility and inclusion requirements are. Remember to make sure that the survey is hosted on a website that is accessible to people who use text-to-speech software.

Do you need a British Sign Language interpreter? Will you be bringing a friend or family member to translate for you? Do you need an interpreter? Please specify the language. Do you need ramp/elevator access? Do you need accessible parking? Will you bring a guide dog? Do you need accessible seating? Do you need written information in a particular accessible format (Braille, easy read, audio, large print)? Please specify. Do you need written information translated into another language? Please specify the language. Would you prefer to have the meeting in