Aggressive parents: zero tolerance posters

Find out what to include on posters to remind visitors and parents that aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. See examples from schools.

Last reviewed on 17 February 2022
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  1. What to include on your poster
  2. Examples of posters from schools

What to include on your poster

You can ban someone from your premises if you feel that their aggressive, abusive or insulting behaviour or language is a risk to staff or pupils. It’s enough for a member of staff or a pupil to feel threatened.

This is explained in DfE guidance on controlling access to your premises.

Remind parents and visitors of this with a poster to try and prevent such behaviour. 

Include wording that explains:

  • Your school is a zero tolerance zone
  • Inappropriate language, threats or acts of aggression towards staff or pupils will not be tolerated on your premises
  • Anyone behaving in such a way will be asked to leave, they may receive a ban from the premises and their behaviour may be reported to the police

Read more about verbal and written warnings to aggressive parents, including guidance on how to handle abusive visitors. 

Reassure visitors