Last reviewed on 19 March 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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See examples of pupil questionnaires from schools to find out how they ask about attitudes to reading.

Primary school examples

Canada Hill Primary School, in Devon, has links on its website to reading surveys for different year groups (the questions are the same for each survey).

The questions are almost all tick-box multiple choice, and cover:

  • The pupil's reading habits at home
  • How involved adults in the pupil's family are with reading at home
  • The pupil's enjoyment of reading

There's also a space for the pupil to write their favourite book or author.

The Cathedral School of St. Saviour and St. Mary Overie, in Southwark, has published the results of its reading survey, including the questions that were asked.

The questions cover topics such as:

  • Their opinions of reading as a hobby
  • How often they read at home
  • Their favourite genres
  • Their opinions about how reading is supported in school

Sedgley Park Community Primary School, in Bury, has also published the results of