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  • Coronavirus: supporting year-to-year transition You'll need to collect more pastoral information about pupils in handover meetings at the end of this school year, so you can best support them in September. Get advice on who to involve in these meetings and download our checklist for what to cover. Plus, get ideas to familiarise pupils with their new teachers and environment remotely, and see examples of transition policies from other schools.
  • Primary to secondary transition: strategies Is there guidance on supporting pupils to make the transition between primary and secondary school? We look at research on successful transition between primary and secondary schools. You will also find examples of transition strategies from primary and secondary schools.
  • Transition: reception to year 1 How can we ease transition from reception to year 1? We relay DfE guidance on how to ensure transition from the early years to year 1 is successful, and outline key points from research on this topic. You will also find ideas on strategies and techniques to use to smooth transition for pupils.
  • Transition to secondary school: pupils with SEN Read about the requirement to plan for pupils with SEN who are moving from primary to secondary school, and tips for each phase to help the transition go smoothly.
  • Transition visits for special schools: questions What questions should we ask on transition visits for pupils starting at a special school? One of The Key's associate education experts and a representative from nasen suggest questions for staff to ask during transition visits to current schools.
  • Welcome packs for pupils and parents Are there examples of welcome packs for new parents and pupils? In this article, we link to examples of welcome and induction packs for parents from primary, secondary and special schools. You will also find examples of welcome packs for new pupils.