Supporting refugee pupils and their families

Read how you can create an environment in your school where children who are refugees feel welcomed and comfortable. Find out what you need to do when you have refugee pupils arriving soon, and resources to help you support their transition.

Last reviewed on 19 June 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Every little helps
  2. Take small steps to create a welcoming environment
  3. Prepare for their arrival: as much as you can
  4. Put pastoral provision in place for pupils who are refugees
  5. Think about language and communication challenges
  6. Know what to do on the day they arrive
  7. Rely on your community for support
  8. Admissions and funding FAQs

We spoke to leaders at Sherburn High School, a secondary academy in North Yorkshire, to help us write this article. They've welcomed several pupils who are refugees to their school community.

Every little helps

There are lots of actions you can take to make sure your school is welcoming and supportive to all, as well as to directly support children who are refugees who join your school. You’re probably doing a lot of them already. 

Reflect on what you already do, and use this article to help you improve the processes that need it. 

For example, if you feel confident around language and communication, use this article to learn how to involve the community in supporting any new arrivals to your school community.

Making your school welcoming and inclusive benefits everyone, but also means that any children who are refugees feel comfortable during