Have confidence every staff member knows how to keep pupils safe, with our unique blend of eLearning, assessment, staff briefings, scenarios and factsheets. And our dedicated online safety resources are your go-to for assemblies, lesson plan packs, staff training and parent factsheets.

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Staff briefing

Safeguarding and child protection INSET pack 2023/24

Available on Safeguarding

Use this ready-to-deliver pack to meet your team’s INSET safeguarding training needs. Updated with the latest KCSIE information, designed with adult learning in mind and with videos, scenarios and activities to keep your team engaged, your September INSET is sorted.

Train my staff

Get effective safeguarding training and comprehensive support, from The Key Safeguarding

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Online courses tracked in a handy dashboard to evidence compliance


So you can identify your team's knowledge gaps and plan training to plug them

Factsheets and briefings

Build understanding of key safeguarding issues as they emerge


Immersive real-world scenarios, to check your staff know what to do when a child needs their help

INSET pack

The most-loved pack on the market - up to date with KCSIE and redesigned each year

Training calendar

Recommended annual plan of safeguarding training, so you've got 'little and often' covered

Plus, get even more safeguarding support for your whole school, from across The Key:


Our biggest library of guidance, templates and checklists, model policies and more.


Effective eLearning, factsheets, scenarios and parental support, designed with your DSL and wider school community in mind.


Resources and tools to help your board play its strategic role and work with confidence.

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